Terms of use


We have tried to write our terms in plain English so that they are easier to read and to understand and not full of jargon.


Please read these Terms of Use (terms) before you register for a account (your account) and use the API (service). These Terms of Use form a legal agreement between:

  • You, the account holder;and
  • Us, we, our,

1. By using our service you agree to these terms

By registering and accessing or using the service you agree to these Terms.
If you do not agree to any of these terms, you must not use our service

2. Licence

We permit you to receive, process, and display data to users of your website, application, widget, tool.

You will NOT:

  • Give access to our service to unauthorised parties
  • Use the service or data after this agreement has ended
  • Use the service or data to break any law or regulation.
  • Copy, distribute, resell the service or data

3. Usage

You must access our data through the credentials given to you by us, don’t share these credentials with unauthorised parties. You are responsible for the security of these credentials.
Your usage depends on your plan. You can not use more than your plan states. It is your responsibility to have enough data.

If you are a business or are looking to use our services within a business, you are not permitted to use our free plan. Using our free plan for commercial use violates these terms and therefore may result in immediate termination of your account without warning.

Below are a few examples of commercial use, and therefore violate our terms if done on our free plan:

  • Using our service within a business, regardless if its internal or not.
  • A hobby project using our service, that is then sold/transferred to a business.
  • Any project using our service that has paying customers.
  • Using our service within a business, even though the projects it's being used on or the business itself is a not-for-profit.

We use a bunch of tools, both manual and automatic, to periodically verify that our free users are not breaking this term. We have terminated many accounts for this reason, so if you are in doubt please sign up for a paid account or contact us before signing up to the free plan.

4. Charges and Payment

The total price for the service is the amount set out in the subscription plan to be paid for the period set out in the subscription plan. We have monthly and annual plans.

You shall make the first payment on the date you purchase the service and then on the first day of each period.
Time for payment shall be of the essence

5. Service may go down or be inaccessible

You accept that the API service and data may be occasionally inaccessible. We aim to be fair and will refund you the equivalent of 1-months charges if our service is down for more than 24 hours.

6. Limitation of liability

We do our best to ensure the data is accurate and free from errors but do not provide a guarantee or warranty.
The data is provided “as is” with no guarantee of the accuracy or reliability of the API data or service. shall not be liable for any consequential damages.

7. Termination

Without prejudice to any other rights that the parties may be entitled to reserves the right at any time to terminate this agreement.

8. Change of data or service

We may update our services from time to time and will try to contact you with reasonable notice of any changes.